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Lightweight and durable CNC machined aluminum body. Constant Lumens power management produces a steady lumen output. Powerful single-LED provides up to 180 lumens with integrated Side Visibility. Integrated USB stick for convenient cable-free recharging. Snap-fit composite matrix mount with silicone strap attaches to a wide range of bars and posts. Available individually or in front / rear pair combinations.

Note: This light is not being distributed within the German market.
Lezyne Micro Drive Taillight - Our Most Powerful Single LED Rear Safety Light
(in Economy mode)


 LIR123A (included)
 silver/high polishblack/high polish

Micro (Rear) Chart
Cycling Weekely Best On Test - Micro Rear Award

01.05.2015 - Lezyne Micro Drive Fahrradlampe Im Test

"Nachdem es nun wieder kalt und dunkel geworden ist, ist ein gutes Fahrradlicht häufig sehr nützlich. Wir haben die Lezyne Micro Drive Fahrradlampe mal genauer unter die Lupe genommen."

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10.29.2014 - BikeRadar Lists Macro Front and Micro Rear as Best Road Cycling Lights

"Two neat and simple lights that both offer good performance and simple band-on fittings."

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03.12.2014 - Longview Review Tries Out the Micro Drive Rear Light

Longview Review got their hands on our Micro Drive LED Rear in an attempt to replace their old, one-blinker light. They were not disappointed.

Check out their full review and keep your eyes open for their update at Longview Review

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01.09.2014 - Lezyne Macro/Micro Drive Beats the Competition in Top Danish Auto Magazine

A top Danish Auto Magazine tested several lights for their safety and visibility to have cyclists be best equipped to be seen on the road by motorists. In an article titled “Cyclists, We Can’t See you!” Lezyne’s Macro/Micro pair was hands-down the most visible light that they tested.

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01.09.2014 - Micro Drive light - Best in Test

Lezyne wins both Best in Test as well as Best Light in VG's light tests!

Number 1 - Micro Drive - Best in test, Number 2 - Power Drive - Best light

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11.08.2013 - Lezyne Scores Big in Cycling Weekly (UK) Magazine

Cycling Weekly (UK) Magazine's Lights Roundup reviewed a number of different lights from different companies, including a couple from here at Lezyne. They got their hands on the Power Drive XL, Macro Drive, Micro Drive Rear, and Femto LED Front and Rear.

"Lezyne Micro Drive – Available in black or silver, the Micro Drive is yet another classy product from Lezyne. The light is rich, with a super-bright 'daytime mode' that works well, even in low winter sun. The built-in USB dongle means no lost leads."

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10.03.2013 - Lezyne Gets Big Praise from Women's Cycling Magazine

Lezyne LED lights got some big recognition from Women's Cycling magazine in the UK, naming our Macro Drive Front the 'Best Road Light,' our Femto Drive the 'Best Emergency Light,' and our Micro Drive Rear the 'Best Rear Light.' Not to mention a good review of our Zecto Drive LED Pair. 

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10.11.2012 - New Micro/Macro LED Installation Video

"This short video will tell the user how to install both the Micro and Macro Drive LEDs onto the bike, including both handlebar mounts and seatpost mounts. Because this is a new product with an extensive list of features (like Daytime Flash Mode), we thought a short instructional video would be best to help new users. View Here

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10.05.2012 - RCUK's first impressions of Micro Drive LEDs

Road Cycling UK recently got a hold of our Micro Drive Front and Micro Drive Rear LED lights. Here is a little of what they thought about our dynamic duo.

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