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Heavy duty, shop quality three-way wrench. Two-piece Serviceable Body allows for easy replacement and exchange of bits. Classic, easy-to-use design. Durable, CNC machined hardened steel body. Heavy duty, drawn, and forged CRV+ anti-corrosion steel bits. Replacement tool bits included with each wrench. Not all bits are interchangeable between bodies.

Star: Star shaped, T10, T25, T30
Hex: 2, 2.5, 3 mm
Hex: 4, 5, 6 mm

11.25.2013 - Singletrack Has Us on Fresh Goods Friday

Singletrack has featured our 3-way Wrench and Port-a-Shop tool kit in their Fresh Goods Friday, featuring "Another week and another drop of fresh product for putting through the paces."

Get a look at the full Fresh Goods Friday 167 article to get a look at what they had to say about our 'fresh' products.

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11.25.2013 - Velo Magazine Thinks the 3-Way Tool is Quite the Xmas Gift

Got a bike mechanic in the family? Vélo Magazine picked our 3-Way tools as one of the top items to add to your Xmas shopping list.

Velo - "Lezyne tools are some of the most beautiful out there. They even include a second set of hex bits, easily swapped out with a 2.5mm hex."

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