Andrew Juiliano

Andrew Juiliano (Grit World Racing) has been many professional things: magazine editor, writer, dishwasher, EMT, woodworker and oyster shucker. Throughout it all, he’s always been a bicycle racer. After three years as the editor-in-chief at ROAD magazine, and five seasons on the U.S. UCI cyclocross circuit, the New Jersey native dives headfirst into the European professional ranks. From October to February, he’ll be in the Holy Land of cyclocross, racing World Cups, DVVs and Super Prestige events across Belgium and the Netherlands. He'll chronicle the experience in an ongoing column, which you can find weekly at Peloton Magazine.

Andrew will be thrash-testing the Lezyne GPS watches and computers in the brutal conditions of European World Cup cyclocross throughout the 2017-2018 season, helping to develop Lezyne’s refined devices.
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