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Functional, durable multi-tools ideal for road or trail-side use. Forged aluminum side plates, easy to grip while wearing gloves. Forged, Center-pivot stainless steel bits. Durable stainless steel fastening hardware. Forged aluminum chain breaker. Three spoke wrenches integrated into chainbreaker.
54W × 87L × 26H (mm)
Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Star Shaped T25
Phillips & Flat Head Chain Breaker: (9/10/11 speed)
Spoke Wrenches: Mavic Mtv, 3.22, 3.45 Serrated Knife 60mm
Tire Lever: Open end 10mm Bottle Opener: Open End 8mm, Disk Brake Wedge

3.18.2019 - Tool series: Best Tools for the trailhead and pack - MTBR

Classy, shiny, functional and durable – the multi-tools from Lezyne will keep you on the road or trail with peace of mind that you can repair a quick problem in a jiffy. The Stainless-20 Tool, in true Lezyne fashion, is crafted from forged aluminum side plates and looks more like jewelry than tools. The tool itself is friendly to the hand, and the bits are easy to use in tight spaces. Fastened together with stainless steel hardware the Stainless-20 won’t rust in your jersey pocket or your hydration pack. Our favorite feature on the Stainless-20 has to be the chain breaker, spoke wrenches, pad press – It offers substantial movement with for the pin and the wrenches and press aren’t noticeable until you need them. An excellent tool for those who like their metal shiny, functional, and lightweight at 150 grams

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11.26.2013 - Cycling Active Magazine Names Lezyne's Stainless 12 Multi-Tool as Top 7 Multi-Tool

With a ranking of 7/10 by Cycling Active magazine, Lezyne's Stainless 12 Multi-Tool was in some good company when it was ranked as one of the "7 of the Best Multi-Tools" in their January Issue.

“…exceptionally well-made tool. The construction feels almost industrial but is very well thought out and comfortable to use. Pieces are well spaced and easy to access, which makes a nice change. As the saying goes though: ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and with this, you probably won’t need to buy another multi-tool for a decade.”

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09.24.2013 - What Mountain Bike Magazine Offering Lezyne Product to Subscribers

You read that right! What Mountain Bike magazine is currently offering the Lezyne Stainless 19 Multitool to new subscribers in it's October 2013 issue! An easy way to get a beautiful, efficient product.

Visit the What Mountain Bike website for more information and find out more about the Lezyne Stainless 19 Multitool here.

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