Handlebar Hero — A Cautionary Tale

Lance Haidet road cycling

Look, we’ve all been there, miles from home and somehow without one of the 5 different multi tools we’ve accumulated over the years.

We’ve even heard reports of those employed by a leading bicycle accessories manufacturer being caught tool-less on a ride consisting of no less than 5 employees. Even seasoned pros like Lezyne ambassador Lance Haidet has found himself in a similar situation—it's actually why Lance now never leaves home without his Dual Insert Kit.

"About six months ago I was out riding gravel and had this massive side wall tear…not ideal, ha-ha!  Anyway, I went to change the flat and boot the tire, only to realize I didn’t have a 6mm hex—or any multi tool—to unthread my thru-axle and take my wheel out…"

Uh. Oh.

"Luckily I was up on East Ridge, so there were pine trees up there, so I was able to take the tire off halfway, and I was able to literally stuff my tire with as many pine needles as I possibly could—I mean, I was on carbon rims and I wasn’t about to wreck them by riding the flat tire all 10, rocky miles back to the road. So, I started stuffing that thing, and yeah, while it was nice that it worked juuuust well enough, it would have really been great to actually have had some tools with me."

While Lance was able to call on some good old-fashioned ingenuity to hobble home, he doesn’t plan on reliving it any time soon, thanks to our Insert Kit tool lineup.


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 Insert Kits: Turn Wasted Space into Your Saving Grace


Tubeless Insert Kit



Always close at hand and easy to access, the Tubeless Insert Kit lets you easily tackle tubeless repairs quicker than ever.

Dual Insert Kit


Looking to put both sides of your handlebars to work steering clear of ride-ending mechanicals? Well, look no further.

Tool Insert Kit


Get a handle on even the most stubborn mechanicals with the versatile Tool Insert Kit, which comes in three configurations to fit a wide variety of applications.

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