Lezyne Flow Cage SL

First up, the Flow Cage SL is an ideal candidate for the smaller internal frame clearances of most e-bikes. With batteries and unique frame geometry at play, the side loading feature of the Flow Cage SL allows the rider to quickly and easily remove a bottle from either the right or left side without having to pull a bottle directly up and out of the cage. Constructed from Composite Matrix – a high strength, fiber reinforced nylon – the cages are exceedingly durable and won’t mar bottles. External ribs help to improve rigidity so that your bottles stay put when riding over bumpy terrain. Want to maximize storage on your bike? Check out our Flow Cage SL - Pair, and  save a few dollars on the second bottle cage. 


Lezyne E-bike Fender StVZO Alert Rear

Install an E-bike Fender StVZO Alert Rear and know that Lezyne has your back. Adhering to the strict German StVZO standard, these lights have engineered optics that are extremely efficient and focus their brightness to improve visibility of the rider. With a built-in accelerometer the light will brighten when the bike’s brakes are applied. As one of the brightest rear e-bike lights on the market, this is a great way to improve safety while riding on surface streets.


Lezyne E-bike Fender StVZO Alert Rear

The E-bike Power STVZO Pro E115 Switch is another STVZO certified light that provides both visibility and convenience. This powerful headlight can be easily switched between day and night modes, so you can choose the right level of light for the conditions. Be sure to consult our E-Bike LED Compatibility Chart to ensure this light will work with your e-bike before purchasing.


Lezyne RAP II 20 Tubeless

While some E-bikes motors have terminals for lights to plug into, many bikes in the US market require lights to be tied to the battery directly. Our E-bike Micro Drive 500 High Volt is designed to handle the higher voltage outputs of battery direct connections. With two high output LEDs, our MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens is an exceptionally powerful and efficient headlight that delivers 500 lumens in a wide spread beam pattern that is ideal for off-road use.


Lezyne RAP II 20 Tubeless

When covering new ground, the Smart Energy Caddy allows you to access all of the mapping power of your phone while protecting it from the elements. The transparent cover is fully touch screen compatible and the zipped closure means there is no chance of your phone falling out of a mount. By securely attaching to your top tube with three Velcro straps, the bag’s internal storage can be easily accessed while riding. Perfect for mid ride snacks.


Lezyne RAP II 20 Tubeless

The Sport Gravel Drive Floor Pump may get its name from a niche sect of offroad cycling, but it is ideal for most e-bike applications. The high-volume pump chamber helps to move more air per stroke than a standard pump, making it easier to inflate the larger tires that come on most e-bikes. The pump's oversized gauge has large numbers that make it easy to read and provides a stable base to push off of.

Whether you’re grabbing groceries or hitting the trails on your next e-bike ride, Lezyne has accessories that can help improve your riding experience. Check out the wide variety of products we make at Lezyne, specifically with e-bikes in mind, on our E-bike Essentials page.

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