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Digital Shock Drive Digital Handpumps Digital Road Drive
When every PSI counts, be sure to turn to our lineup of astonishingly-accurate digital hand pumps, featuring digital gauges accurate to within +/- 1.5%.
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As tire pressure becomes more and more important with tubeless setups taking over both on dirt and pavement, our digital hand pumps enable you to quickly—and accurately—refill tires after repairing a flat, or simply top off or adjust your pressure for the next climb or descent, letting you ride easy knowing you can dial in your perfect pressure anywhere, anytime.

Featuring a proprietary built-in gauge designed and manufactured in-house at Lezyne, it allows our digital hand pumps to keep a form factor that closely mirrors their gauge-less counterparts, ensuring they pack up small to save space in your pack or jersey pocket while still delivering unmatched accuracy out on the trail or tarmac.