2 bicycle helmet lights mounted on helmet that people are wearing on a dark background.


Just because the daylight ends doesn’t mean your ride has to. Our extensive lineup of premium LED bike lights ensure that you can keep going all day—and all night—long.
A person riding a bicycle on a road with a bright front light mounted on the handlebars.


There’s no need to stop when the sun drops, keep your ride going into the night with our performance lineup of LED bike lights.

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The bottom half of 2 bicycle riders stopped on the side of the road with bright rear lights mounted on their seat posts.


Whether you ride in dense traffic or out on dark country roads, our wide collection of rear LED lights has your back, ensuring you stay seen regardless of conditions.

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Designed to pair with most major e-bike powertrains, our LED e-bike headlights and taillights offer the perfect combination of powerful illumination and seamless integration.

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A close up of a bicycle light mounted on handlebars with the words Lezyne Power Pro 500 printed on the side of the light.


Our collection of StVZO-compliant bike lights offers a variety of options for all types of cyclists and settings.

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A close up of a light mounted on the rear of a bicycle that is illuminating the bicycle tire. The words Lezyne Stick Drive 30 are printed on the side of the light.


Find all the Lezyne LED accessories, straps, batteries, and replacement parts here.

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