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Floor pump efficiency in a super compact, hand pump size. Lightweight CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston, base, and T-handle optimized for high volume applications. Long, versatile hose improves pumping convenience. Stainless steel foot peg stabilizes pump during use. HVG version features integrated pressure gauge (shown), also available in HV version without gauge (not shown). ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped. Presta and Schrader compatible. Includes composite matrix frame mount.
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV/HVG - A Mountain Bike Favorite
 Silver/High Polish Black
 90psi | 6.2bar
 300mm |205g
 300mm | 225g

Enduro MTB Award - Micro Floor Drive HV Design Innovation Award 2014 - Micro Floor Drive HV

08.21.2015 - Mountainbike.nl Reviews the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG

The Dutch online publication Mountainbike.nl had some positive words for our popular hand pump with floor pump efficiency, with great marks on ease of use, stability and speed of inflation for flat tires.

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05.15.2015 - Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV wins Fat-Bike.com Trail Pump Shootout

"At the end of the test, I put the Lezyne Micro Floor HV in the frame pack on my fat-bike and retired my Mountain Morph to my Krampus frame bag. That’s a pretty telling summary of this trail pump shoot-out. We declare the Lezyne the winner, with the Topeak coming in a close second and the Spaero a somewhat distant third."

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10.16.2014 - Velo News Reviews the Micro Floor Drive HV

"Lezyne's Micro Floor Drive HV is perfect for cyclists who travel, or for mountain bikers looking for a faster inflation option. Its long hose and floor pump design make it much easier to use than a traditional mini pump. It's also bigger, of course, at 12" long."

Read the full review here (in Swiss).

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07.14.2014 - Sarah Heilig Recommends Micro Floor Drive

Sarah Heilig, a professional bike guide from Switzerland, recommends the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV to anyone who is wanting to go on an adventure. Sarah breaks down all of the essentials that she would recommend to any rider. We are happy to be in the mix.

Read the full review here (in Swiss).

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05.09.2014 - Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Hailed As A “really Small And Powerful Beast” By The Fixed Life

Our friends over at The Fixed Life reviewed our High-Pressure Micro Floor Drive, noting its size, strength and reliability.

“The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP is a beast, a really small and powerful beast. Maximum psi for this pump is 160psi, that is well beyond what most of us need for day to day riding. The barrel, shaft, base, and handle are all made of CNC machined aluminum. This makes for a well constructed lightweight pump. It is only 300mm in length and weighs 150 grams. It is small enough to throw in your bag or in the rear pocket of your jacket but is a little too big for a rear jersey pocket. The threaded chuck can be used for both Schrader and Presta valves which is amazing! This feature is great for those of us that ride different disciplines. The Lezyne pump also features and ABS (air bleed system) that is built into the chuck, this is a super handy feature that is available on tons of floor pumps but never really seen on micro pumps.”

Read the full review here.

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01.15.2014 - Enduro Mountainbike Magazine Reviews the Micro Floor Drive HVG

“In those cases where you just want to inflate your tire fast and comfortably you need a reliable air pump. The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG offers all the advantages of a big floor pump in a compact backpack format.”

Enduro is loving our Micro Floor Drive HVG, and so will anyone else who wants to carry the power of a floor pump wherever they ride to. Check out the full article at enduro-mtb.com.

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01.15.2014 - Lezyne in ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine Design and Innovation Awards 2014

ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine's Design & Innovation Award 2014 has recognized our Micro Floor Drive HV and Carbon 10 Multitool as top products of their class! We greatly appreciate this recognition and continue to make award-winning, great working products for all of our lovely riders out there!

Read the latest issue (#008) of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine to get a full look at the awards (also available in German). 

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12.15.2011 - Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump Review

Touring with Lezyne. Review written by CycleTouringReview.com

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