The smart way to wirelessly control your LED lights.

Smart Connect is an innovative technology we developed in-house to control, simplify and customize compatible Lezyne LED lights. Using the free Lezyne LED Ally phone app, Smart Connect lights can be controlled and programmed either as a combo or individually. The simple interface of the app can be used to control your lights on the fly, or to custom program the modes. If the front and rear are linked, the front light will now wirelessly control the rear light as you toggle through the modes, even if you are not connected with the app.

video tutorial

See how to pair and control Smart Connect Lights

how to control

Download Quick Start Guide HERE
1. Download the free LED Ally app (iOS and Android).
2. Tap "Scan for Devices."
3. Turn lights on if pairing for the first time.
4. Select the light(s) when visible in the app. 
5. Tap "Connect LED(s)."
6. If pairing for the first time give them a unique name.
7. The lights can now be controlled by the app.
8. Tap "Program LED Modes" to customize modes.
9. Customize up to 4 modes or mode-sets.
10. Tap "Save LED Modes" to confirm changes. 
11. Front will now control the rear (if linked). 
12. Paired lights now will auto reconnect to app.


Once a front and rear light have been linked and customized, both lights can be controlled with the button on the front light or with the app.


Smart Connect for GPS!


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