Lezyne and Team DSM have teamed up to to provide their athletes with our best-in-class LED lighting systems to help improve their visibility while piling up those training miles. See their mission statement below.

Our vision: “To redefine our sport through cooperation and innovation: Keep Challenging.

”All of us face challenges in our daily lives – big and small. All of us are continually challenged by those around us – our colleagues, friends or families.

Like no other, we at Team DSM face challenges each and every day, big ones and small ones, by all members of the team. That one important race or coming back from injury… require hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Be it our scientists creating intelligent performance plans or working on complicated R&D projects, our logistical nightmares of up to five programs racing at different places in the world, or running our own campus…We always Keep Challenging.

Keep Challenging is about pursuing dreams and not accepting the status quo. We need to be the world champions of team work, of pushing the boundaries of science and technology to make our gear faster, calculations more accurate, training more effective and nutrition more optimal.

It’s this vision, the plan and an incredible group of people that help us continue to build a sustainable future for our team, while performing at the top of our capabilities, on and off the bike.

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