Bobby McMullen

If you’re ever in need of inspiration of if you’re feeling kind of “big” after a great ride, you should poke around for Bobby McMullen on the internet. Bobby is legally blind and still rides bikes faster than almost anybody out there with two working eyes. For me, the real kicker is the simple humility and humor that he maintains at all times. Bobby has accomplished so much more than even the serious mountain bikers without the use of vision. He travels the world as a spokesperson, which takes up a good portion of his time. The rest of his time is spent riding and racing across the world. He does Whistler every year, has a full race season, and accomplishes this with his guide Peter Lucas. Peter is a grade A racer as well and the combination of the two is rather lethal. Already on the podium in early season races, we look forward to seeing what happens next with Bobby.
Bobby McMullen - Shedding Some Light
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