Vlastislav Kabelac Cihacek

- Vlastislav Kabelac Cihacek is one of the most successful Czech trials riders, named the Czech Elite champion 6 times and a record holder in jumps on bike category. He learned to ride from Czech trials legends Martin Simunek and Roman Chvojka. Together they are trying to restart and recreate the sport of trials riding in the Czech Republic. Vlastislav has been riding for more than 22 years, most of it as a part of Czech national team. He also runs his own team, and creates exhibitions and accompanying programs for different types of events all around the Europe. As a trials rider, he is attending only UCI events or free events. He is also member of MTB & TRIAL MRAVENISTE RICANY club, which focuses on teaching people how to ride trials and mountain bikes. As a mountain bike rider, he promotes technical riding called “Enduro trial” - Simply riding Trials technical sections on enduro bikes.
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